What services do I provide?


Astrological Connection

Vedic (Indian) and Western astrology alike use the planetary locations and movements in space and time to provide insight into physiological characteristics, potential life events and future trends. Using the western astrology tradition, a review of the birth chart will begin to open doors to understanding these characteristics and may help explain the choices and events in a person's life.

Intuitive Energy Balancing

Intuitive energy balancing is like Reiki or Acupuncture without the needles. Energetic blocks inhibiting the flow of energy between natural energy centers or chakras in the body are used to identify areas of stress, anxiety, depression, fear and limiting beliefs. Releasing the blocks and restoring the natural energy flow in the body will allow for growth toward joy, peace, and happiness through balance.


As energy follows intention and humans are energetic beings, we have the capacity to shape our world by raising our own vibration and giving off positive energy. A meditation or stillness practice that utilizes intention to focus energy further manifestes the elevation of the level of vibration and frequency of the energy flowing through our bodies.